D.I.Y. Video System Access

We do the technical support and you monitor it yourself with no access from us.

The system is paid for up front so no financing,

The labor to install is paid upon completion.

The license to operate online is ongoing with a small monthly  fee.

The purpose of using this platform vs buying off the shelf is the horizontal integration. Most homeowners will find the cheapest rout to solve their video security needs. This is a decent approach for a lot of folks who don’t have a large expectation from their video system. However you will be limited to one name vertical ingratiation.¬† If you have any variables that your wanting the providers don’t usually offer solutions in one box.

This is where we bring you Milestone as a platform of integration. The horizontal ingratiation brings all the brands together in one application, In may cases we can add your existing IP cameras into the system.

Contact us and we will take a look at your project.

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