Homeless Help!

I decided to try and take a different approach to our social homeless problems by creating another route to help and assist rather than just move them off our clients property.

We have all been witness to the masses of homeless not only mobbing our public parks as campgrounds but also posting up on medians with their cardboard signs.

Stop Handing them money!! Please

Your progressing their problems beyond the present day. They are buying drugs, alcohol, or getting robbed for the money they collected.

Give them a burger or fries, maybe a jacket or socks. This way it’s something they can use to stay healthy.

My goal is to get them knowledge and resources available to them. There are a lot of things to assist them. I developed these 2-1-1 cards to hand off to you and them.

The front is the 2-1-1 on how to get information and a Go Fund Me account. I will use Go Fund Me to help them get into the services that are not free. Like laundry, haircuts, showers or a meal.

I am also using it to buy them a ticket to go home if they are form out of the area and able to get reset in life with that option.

I will not give them cash or use the funding for anything but this project.

I will be the only one who can access the funds for their service.


If you would like to get some cards please contact me and we will get some cards for you to hand out to homeless and donations. d.griffith@scp-security.com

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