How to Milestone

Milestone is a software partner who we are using to offer the horizontal integration. Meaning that most major cameras work with this software, this saves the customer money using their existing digital video system.

Video systems are in many flavors depending on the clients needs.

Most  proprietary system software does not always fit the different needs of every client such as License Plate Recognition, Panoramic view, or Audio integration. They all offer some but not every solution. Milestone software is designed to integrate the hardware of different equipment but requires a partner to vendor the software. We are their partner that can provide their solution with our services.

Our job is to look at your needs and find the individual equipment that compliments your problem or need.

we build the layout and equipment grid from several different vendors. As I said its no longer proprietary so I can mix and match in the line and not worry about it being accepted in the system.

after it is all installed you will have a variety of solutions viewed from one platform.

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